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About Us
is made up of undergraduate students from Columbia and Barnard with a genuine interest in astronomy and who want to engage with other astronomy students, the department here at Columbia and the community at large. We welcome undergrads that are majoring in Astronomy/Astrophysics, other science disciplines, or people who simply have an interest in the subject.

Apr 10, 2011

Bwog LectureHop: When Bad Things Happen to Good Galaxies

Bwog’s resident Star Gazer Zach Kagan writes in with tidbits of information from Hugh Crowl‘s lecture, “When Bad Things Happen to Good Galaxies,” on doom and gloom for major galaxies. Behold the cosmic drama!

The Audience at the most recent Public Lecture and Stargazing, held in the bowels of Pupin (correctly pronounced “pew-PEEN”) Hall, spanned ages 8 to 88. The turn out was surprisingly high for 8 pm on a Friday. Assembled were families with kids, high school students scribbling down answers on their worksheets, bored NYU students, and a hodgepodge of NYC space lovers. The lecture, given by a cheery Columbia post-doc, was entertaining and not too technical, and enlivened with beautiful images and nifty 3D animations.
read the rest on the bwog here: Read more

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