About Us

About Us
is made up of undergraduate students from Columbia and Barnard with a genuine interest in astronomy and who want to engage with other astronomy students, the department here at Columbia and the community at large. We welcome undergrads that are majoring in Astronomy/Astrophysics, other science disciplines, or people who simply have an interest in the subject.

Apr 11, 2011

Astro Department Events for Week of April 11, 2011

A Matinée with Liszt by Joseph Kriehuber (1800-1876)

The francophones tell me a matinée is like a soirée but in the afternoon, at 2:30pm, in Pupin room 1332. So if you are free then on Tuesday come to the Major Planning Matinée to discuss classes you are planning on taking next fall semester and enjoy snacks. Free food at the Bampton lecture on Thursday so a group of us are definitely going. We also hope to take advantage of the prospective students here for days on campus, so this Saturday we will have Low Plaza Astronomy, which is just what it sounds like.

Physics Colloquium
"Viscosity, quark gluon plasma, and string theory"
Prof. Dam Thanh Son, University of Washington
Monday 4:15pm - Pupin 428
redShift Major Planning Matinée
"Should I take Brian Greene's Quantum Class?"
Tuesday 2:30pm - Pupin 1332

The Bampton Lectures in America
A Runaway Universe
Tuesday, April 12, 6:30pm
Davis Auditorium at Schapiro Hall

Giant Telescopes of the 21st Century
Thursday, April 14, 6:30pm
Davis Auditorium at Schapiro Hall
reception will immediately follow this lecture

redShift Low Plaza Astronomy
"Dobs and Prospies" (weather permitting)
Saturday 10:00pm - Low Plaza

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