About Us

About Us
is made up of undergraduate students from Columbia and Barnard with a genuine interest in astronomy and who want to engage with other astronomy students, the department here at Columbia and the community at large. We welcome undergrads that are majoring in Astronomy/Astrophysics, other science disciplines, or people who simply have an interest in the subject.

Nov 21, 2010

SEBS Research Fair

Interested in obtaining an internship and finding out about all of the science and engineering research that is being conducted right here on campus? Join us on Sunday, November 21, from 1 to 5 pm in the Satow Room of Lerner Hall for a thrilling afternoon to learn about groundbreaking science and technology research from Columbia professors and their students. FREE FOOD will also be provided!

Final Schedule:
Time, Principal Investigator, Department
1:00 - 1:20, Prof. Gil Zussman, Electrical Enginnering
1:20 – 1:40, Dr. Milan Stojanovic, Columbia Medical Center
1:40 – 2:00, Prof. Ken Sheppard, Electrical Engineering
2:00 – 2:20, Prof. Itsik Pe'er, Computer Science
2:20 – 2:40, Prof. Szabolcs Marka, Physics
2:40 – 3:00, Prof. Kenneth Eisenthal, Chemistry
3:00 – 3:20, Dr. Shama Perveen, Earth Institute: Water Center
3:20 – 3:40, Prof. Lars Dietrich, Biological Sciences
3:40- 4:00, Prof. Vasilis Fthenakis, Earth and Environmental Eng.
4:00 – 4:20, Prof. Herbert Terrace, Psychology

The purpose of the fair is to raise awareness among the student body of current research projects being conducted right here on campus and also emphasize the opportunities students have to become involved in them. Don't miss your chance to hear about exciting research projects and meet personally with the professors that are working on it.

Co-sponsored by Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society (SEBS), Columbia Science Review (CSR), Columbia University American Medical Students Association (CU AMSA) and Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal (CUSJ)

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