About Us

About Us
is made up of undergraduate students from Columbia and Barnard with a genuine interest in astronomy and who want to engage with other astronomy students, the department here at Columbia and the community at large. We welcome undergrads that are majoring in Astronomy/Astrophysics, other science disciplines, or people who simply have an interest in the subject.

Jan 10, 2012

REU Apps - Due Feb. 1st

REU Programs to Consider:

Due Date Program Site Recs Details (link) Application (link) Other (link)
Feb. 1st New York - AMNH 0 amnh.org amnh.org amnh.org
Feb. 1st Harvard - SAO 2 harvard.edu harvard.edu harvard.edu
Feb. 1st Haystack - MIT 2 mit.edu mit.edu mit.edu
Feb. 1st Hawaii - IFA 2 hawaii.edu hawaii.edu hawaii.edu
Feb. 1st Virginia - NRAO 2 nrao.edu nrao.edu
Feb. 1st Arecibo - NAIC 3 naic.edu naic.edu
Jan. 30th Kitt Peak - NOAO 2 noao.edu noao.edu

Other Notables:

Full Lists:

It is strongly recommended that current juniors and sophomores apply to an National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Many of these sites are prestigious, well paid and competitive. In December we heard from current graduate students Munier, Ximena and Jenna about their experiences, so please feel free to contact them or myself if you have more questions. If you haven't already, e-mail two professors requesting recommendation letters. Many students apply to around 4-9 programs and its ok if you don't get into any (especially if you are a sophomore). In February we should have an informational about how to get summer research here at Columbia but it should be said that although summer research at Columbia can be just as good if not better than a formal NSF REU, it is more difficult to get this research funded.

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